About CPTA

Let CPTA Take Care of Your Tax Matters

Please feel free to ask us in any of the following cases:
  • Ifd like to start a business or found a company.
  • I find it difficult understanding and keeping accounts.
  • I used to file my own tax returns but now I require some assistance.
  • Ifd like some assistance in the buying and/or selling of real estate.
  • Tax issues related to purchasing a new home.
  • Ifm thinking about providing funds for my child/children in the purchase of a residence.
  • Ifd like to discuss taxes in relation to my will.
  • I need to divide property after divorce.
Various tax matters can arise at any given time in your life.
Please feel free to ask us.
We guarantee your confidentiality.
A CPTA has a legal liability to keep any information you provide completely confidential. This liability remains in force following the end of the CPTAfs employment either through retirement of reemployment. (Sec.38 of the CPTA Act)
So, please rest assured that when meeting our consultants that all the information you provide will remain private.

People without CPTA certificates cannot provide services as CPTA

PTA must be certified and register themselves on the CPTA membersf list and simultaneously belong to the CPTA Association where their offices are. Non certified CPTA cannot provide services, and those who do will be punished by law. Please ensure you consult only with certified CPTA to avoid being charged for unreasonable expenses, or cause unexpected losses to the taxpayer.

Please contact us for more information about CPTA.

Legitimated CPTA have CPTA certificates and wear CPTA badges.@
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