Hokkaido Certified Public Tax Accountantsf Association (HCPTAA)

HCPTAA is a special corporation based on the Certified Public Tax Accountant Act.
The objective of HCPTAA is, based on the mission and duties of Certified Public Tax Accountants (CPTA), to undertake guidance, notification and supervision for the branches and members, aiming to contribute to the fulfillment of their obligation and improvement and progress in their activities.
In the public area, HCPTAA conducts research and studies on tax administration, taxes and CPTA systems in order to deliver recommendations to the government and public offices which have authority, or to respond and explain to their inquiry. In addition, it provides assistance to small business taxpayers.

Message from the president of HCPTAA

President of HCPTAA
Kazuyoshi Kanesaka

CPTA (Zeirishi, in Japanese) are experts in matters of taxation. Our mission is gto conduct the proper realization of the tax liability from an independent and impartial standpointh. In order to deal with various tax matters between the government and taxpayers, we are making continuous effort with discipline and intention to respond to the publicfs expectation.
We especially support small to medium-sized enterprises in various ways by providing effective advice for them. For example, we advise them not only about taxation matters but also management of businesses, and also join the management team of companies as gKaikei-Sanyoh s (Accounting Advisors), and so on.
In recent years, we intend to increase social contribution with our professional back ground by becoming members of an audit committee and/or external auditors at local governments, members of arbitration in the family courts, members of civil conciliation, or adult guardians and so on.
Furthermore, we actively conduct activities for contributions through local societies which support tax filing for tax-payers through taxation assistance, and those having tax education classes at local schools and societies.
We are very happy if you utilize us as a close partner in the area of business development, personal assets management and/or any other issues in the daily activities.


August 1942Hokkaido Tax Practitionersf Association (HTPA) was founded.
December 1951HTPA was replaced by Hokkaido Certified Public Tax Accountantsf Association (HCPTAA) by Certified Public Tax Accountant Act.
October 1956HCPTAA was transformed to the special corporation based on the amended Certified Public Tax Accountant Act.
July 1960HCPTAA first published its magazine gHCPTAA Bulletinh.
July 1970The HCPTAA Hall was built in Chuo-ku, Sapporo.
September 1979The number of CPTA members exceeded 1,000.
October 1992HCPTAA had the 50th Anniversaryfs Ceremony of the CPTA system.
August 1995The number of CPTA members exceeded 2,000.
May 2001A suggested CPTA Act amendment was passed and partially changed.(Passed on April 1st in 2002)
February 2007The new HCPTAA Hall was built.
December 2008HCPTAA founded the Tax Support Center.
July 2013HCPTAA opened the Adult Guardian Support Center.
March 2014The amendment to change Income Tax Laws (including CPTA Act) was passed. (Passed on April 1st in 2014.)
May 2014HCPTAA had 1,896 CPTA members and 187 incorporated members.
March 2017HCPTAA had 1,845 CPTA members and 225 incorporated members.

Vice Presidents

Seietsu Hirata
Seietsu Hirata
EGeneral Affairss
ETraining and Education
Yoshihisa Shiba
Yoshihisa Shiba
EFinancial Affairss
EPublic Interest Activities
Keiichi Suzuki
Keiichi Suzuki
EPublic Relationss
ETaxation Assistances
EInternational affair
Shingo Kaneta
Shingo Kaneta
EProfessional Services
EAssistance for Small and Medium-sized Enterprisess
EDeliberation Office for Individual Cases
Takaaki Shinooka
Takaaki Shinooka
EMediation of Disputes
Yoshikazu Ogita
Yoshikazu Ogita
Enformation Systems
Masanori Goto
Masanori Goto
CPTA System Education for Taxpayers

Senior Managing Director

Kazunori Takayama
Kazunori Takayama
In general including office matters

Organization Chart

HCPTAAfs Head Office

3F, The HCPTAA Hall
2-28 Kita 3 Jo Nishi 20 Chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo@064-8639
Phone: 011-621-7101(Outside of Japan {81)
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